OK, so it happened a few days ago, but the reality of it is sinking in: not having a car in Pullman sucks.

It probably wouldn’t be so bad if (a) I weren’t accustomed to having a car and being able to go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, save for those silly parking limitations on campus, or (b) there were actually a good amount of snow/ice on the ground that would stop me from driving in the first place.

… which is funny, really, because the reason I don’t have my car in an operable state right now is precisely that. Damn ice.

Here’s the scenario, in a nut shell: I drive to school on Thursday for her ethics exam and HBM presentation, dressed rather well if I do say so myself. Less than halfway to the CUE parking garage, the ice and curb decide to tag-team the Jetta. The Jetta may have speed and agility on her side, but strength and resistance to blunt-force trauma are definitely not on her list of attributes. I’m pretty sure my alignment is royally effed, at the very least. Let’s hope for that, anyway.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been sans car in Pullman, though. Back in my Cougar Crest days I was without a vehicle for awhile in the time period between totalling my beloved Grand Vitara and purchasing the Jetta. Then, of course, there’s always the winter months when Pullman becomes so Arctic Tundra-like that the Jetta doesn’t really move at all. Ever.

But… ugh! There’s hardly any snow on the ground right now (knock on wood.) and the roads are basically clear (knock on wood x2.) and I still can’t drive! The only place I’m going until it’s fixed is Les Schwab tomorrow (or whenever they say I can come in to check my alignment) or wherever else I may need to take it for repairs.

I don’t really have a photo to go with this so here’s the most recent picture my sister sent me via cell phone of Keatyn and Shaylee.

Etc. Family

Tony Bennett’s not going to Indiana. But does that mean he’s staying at WSU?

Apparently, that’s not necessarily true… for now.

I guess he’s doing a pretty good job of keeping things under the radar. We don’t really know what the hell’s going on.

All I can say, though, is… c’mon Tony. You helped raise these kids, turn ’em into men on the court. The team loves you, WSU loves you, hell all of Pullman and half (at least!) the nation loves you. Are you really going to just walk away?

Daily Evergreen

I can’t really come up with the words to express how yesterday’s loss makes me feel.

No, it’s not that I’m so in love with the team or any member of the team. It’s not even that the loss hurt so bad that I can’t explain how I feel. Actually it’s quite the opposite.

Pride. I’m so damn proud of our team that I can’t express it.

I feel like I watched this team grow up. I went to the games freshman year when we praised the lord if we won a game. I remember Jeff Varem and Thomas Kelati. I remember Josh Akognon. I remember. I spent time with a lot of these guys individually my freshman year. I know I name-drop often, but hey, a fact’s a fact. I played Donkey Kong with Derrick, watched Robbie and Daven play poker into the wee hours of the night, witnessed Josh stranded in the shower because Kyle had left and locked him out of their room. I saw Kyle strut with a fro and saunter with his braids. I partied with Chris Henry. A few years later, I roamed Greek Row with Aron and Thomas Abercrombie.

And that’s why I’m so proud. True, the team didn’t play to the best of their ability yesterday. And true, it was a tough match – playing UNC in Charlotte would be difficult for any team.

But I think a lot of people are overlooking an important thing here: WSU, the underdog, the “overrated” team of the Pac-10… we made it to the Sweet 16. We beat Notre Dame, had the first lead over UNC in the NCAA Tournament and made it further in the tournament than Gonzaga.

And that is nothing to be ashamed of.

Go Cougsar.


A couple weeks ago, Molly and I made paper chains together via telephone counting down to graduation. I took this picture the day after I made the chain and needless to say there are considerably fewer links today… not that I’m particularly diligent in removing a link every day.

The point is that even though I probably only rip off links every three or four days, the chain is quickly shrinking in length. It reminds me that even when I have days like yesterday, eventually it will all be over and I’ll be properly happy again.

That is, if the weather ever cooperates.