I’ve been complaining a lot (a LOT) lately about my beloved Jetta and its lack of kickassability in the snow. There’s a good amount of snow here, enough to make people complain and kids get all giddy. And I posted earlier about either getting snow tires or a Tacoma this winter. I was half right.

We bought an Xterra today.

A 2004, (WSU crimson?) red Xterra, to be exact. Four-wheel drive, V6, not-horrible-but-not-as-good-as-the-Jetta gas mileage.

I’ll be selling the Jetta (no, we didn’t trade it in) but not right away. I’m only half looking forward to getting the money from that sale. I love the Jetta, I really do. She’s my baby, only I never got around to naming her.

Hopefully the Xterra grows on me (I DID miss my Grand Vitara after The Wreck) and I like it as much as I do the Jetta… what with its lack of power and heated seats (ack!) and NO MIRRORS IN THE VISOR! Also it doesn’t have the digital thermometer (or, hell, a thermometer at all) or fancy-schmancy blue/purple lights on the dash…

Hmm. Maybe we’ll keep the Jetta.

I’ll post pics when I feel like it.


Go ahead. Take a closer look.

That’s 685 unread items.

Oh, sure, 498 of those are in the 20sb category, which means there are a bunch of blogs I don’t necessarily read closely clogging up gathering in there. But damn! Finding time to give these blogs the time they (most of ’em, anyway) deserve is proving to be rather difficult.

And I keep finding more to like! And I can’t just stop reading (most of) them! And… and… and…

Eff. You guys are just too much for me.