I’m writing this on my BlackBerry (I’m SO glad I have it) because my laptop is in a coma. Yes, my beautiful little XPS with an even more beautiful skin from skinit.com (look it up yourself, I don’t want to take the time to put a link up from the BB).

I refuse to say it’s dead until I have a doctor look at it, but it’s not lookin’ good. Something about the hard drive and blah blah blah. Yeah, I ran diagnostics and the error messages don’t lie.

So anyway, I need your help. Two-fold. First, if you happen to live in the ML area, who should I take my beloved to? I’m highly interested in data recovery because the external hard drive I DID have died a couple years ago (ugh) and I never got around to getting another (ugh).

Second, Pete and I have been looking into buying a desktop (more seriously than we’ve been looking into buying a house, which I wrote about the other day and also? We’re not really that serious about it and can I also say that list of stuff I posted about the house I want? Yeah I’m totally dreaming/fantasizing, I know that’s not realistic and I don’t expect anything close to that.)

Anyway. We want a desktop. And now it’s looking more like we need one, too. So help topic #2: What kind do you recommend? I’ve always had Dells and while I like them, I’m sure there are some other excellent options out there. Yes I want a pc. No I don’t want a mac.



I love my mother, but  I had a phone conversation today I wish I would have paid more attention to memorizing verbatim so I could more accurately blog about it. But (1) I was at work and (2) I was too busy trying not to laugh at her.

My mom is not the most technologically advanced person you’ll ever meet. Somehow, over the course of my lifetime, I’ve been deemed the techy one in the family and, well, I’m far from it.

But while I was at work today, she called to tell me one thing or another about a credit card I have (and apparently my bank still sends stuff to her house even though I’ve changed my address with them) and proceeded to have the following (more or less) conversastion with me:

Mom: A friend is going to come over with her laptop so I can help her. She’s been having troubles checking her email.

Me: Ohh, that’s cool. Too bad your wireless internet isn’t set up.

Mom: Well we’re just going to plug her computer in here, and I’ll show her on that.

Me: (thinking she meant they would plug the DSL cord into the laptop) Hmm, that might be kind of tricky. I’m not sure if that would work like that…

Mom: Well when she’s at home she just plugs her laptop in, you know, to the outlet in the wall, and it works.

Me: …

Mom: She just plugs it in.

Me: You know that’s the power cord, right, and that doesn’t get you online?

Mom: Oh.

Me: You know computers work without the internet, right?

Mom: Oh.

Me: But you need the internet to check email and stuff.

Mom: Oh…

Mom: Maybe that’s why she’s been having trouble checking her email.

I love my mom, but sometimes talking to her makes my brain hurt.


I mean, in the town I live in currently.

And if you could meet the following specifics (at minimum), that’d be great, too:

  • Three bedrooms, including a master bedroom with its own bathroom and walk-in closet
  • Two bathrooms
  • An office
  • Two car garage
  • Separate shop of… a good size for a shop (I don’t know or really care, I wouldn’t use it)
  • Big, open floor layout (kitchen, dining room, living room open)
  • A kitchen with lots of storage space
  • Two floors wouldn’t be a bad thing
  • A large, fenced yard
  • OR, say, about five acres
  • Deck/patio in the back
  • Enclosed back “porch” or laundry room or something (so we can install a doggie door but still have a door into the rest of the house that we can lock, y’know?)
  • I wouldn’t complain about stainless steel appliances in the kitchen
  • An underground sprinkler system
  • Preferrably on the outskirts of town, if not completely out in the “country” (anyone else ever notice how weird that phrase really is?)
  • Central AC/heat

I could go on. Also if you’d be willing to sell for, say, $80,000 and let us pay you directly (no loans, please), that’d be great, thanks!

… if you can’t tell, I’m damn tired of this house shack shithole we’re living in. No offense if you’re white trash, but… I feel like white trash. In a house blanketed in dust because the sand dunes are right frickin’ there, which really wouldn’t be so bad if the seals and whatnot weren’t so horrible on every window and the one door (yeah, we don’t even have a back door, how safe is that?!) in the house.


Tell me how first time home buyers, who aren’t married and have two car loans they’re paying off, are supposed to get a loan for a house. Tell me. PLEASE!

I mean, not that we’ve even really tried. Because I know as soon as I hear “no” from a bank I’m going to burst into tears. frickfrickfrickfrick


  1. A dozen red roses
  2. A Valentine’s Day card that makes me cry… in a good way
  3. A cliche stuffed dog with a pink heart in its mouth
  4. A pretty little digital camera that fits nicely into my purse
  5. The best Chinese food in the area for Valentine’s Day dinner
  6. Running into friends at the theater
  7. Action movie dates (Taken)
  8. The Departed and cuddling on the couch
  9. Post-Valentine’s Day phone calls with the bff
  10. And pictures of my adorable nieces to top it all off

Grace in Small Things