WARNING: This message contains a EXTREMELY FREAKING ADORABLE dog. May cause heart-warming sensation.

Because I’ve been posting bitching so much about not having any internet, I thought I’d break the cycle here.

Except… I don’t have a lot to say. Well actually I might, just no energy to say it.

So here.

callie spoiled

Callie’s spoiled all to hell, but she’s really, really ridiculously cute… so it’s OK, right?

callie new bed

We bought this new bed for the dogs shortly after we moved (and because they ate the shit out of their last one) and Caliber LOVES it. When she’s not on the couch (see above) or under our bed, she’s in it. Or in the middle of the floor. Oh who am I kidding? The dog loves to sleep.

velvet snow

I haven’t been taking many new pictures of Velvet lately (maybe because she barks yips squeaks almost constantly and makes me want to punch holes in the wall?) and I feel bad (I DO love her, I promise. Like a lot.) sooo here’s a really ridiculously cute picture of her playing in the snow at the cabin last winter. She loves snow.


I’ve decided that, despite how much I FREAKING love this house, we must move out of it. Immediately.

And closer to civilization. Where it’s not impossible to find internets.

Cuz I’m sorry, but paying for internet service every month with a DATA LIMIT (like, through our cell phone provider)? No thanks.

So we have to move. because I’m SICK and TIRED of spending so much goddamn time alone with NO INTERNET! AaaaaAaaAaahhhHhhhHhHhh!

How serious am I right now. Not sure. The world may never know…

What I do know? I can’t blackberry for the rest of my life! The thumbs can’t take it!