On account of the extreme sappiness of my last post (and my big brother’s oh-so-hilarious comment), I figured I should post something new to steer this blog in a new direction.


Guess what I did Saturday?

My big sister, sister-in-law and cousin went to the Gorge Amphitheater for a concert.

Arriving at the Gorge Saturday afternoon
Arriving at the Gorge Saturday afternoon

The Gorge is awesome. Trust me.

If you know me at all, you know I was excited for this concert. I’d been wanting to see the headliner for YEARS.

We saw Saving Abel …

Saving Abel was the first band to perform
Saving Abel was the first band to perform

Well, I guess I should be more accurate. Yolanda and my cousin saw Saving Abel. My sister and I actually missed their entire set on a quest for concert T-shirts (which we didn’t buy).

And then there was Papa Roach …

Papa Roach played second
Papa Roach played second

Papa Roach was really good! I was pretty surprised at how entertained I was. Don’t get me wrong, I like Papa Roach and what little I’ve heard from them. I was just assuming they’d play a bunch of stuff I hadn’t heard – and they did, but even those songs were entertaining.

Next was Hinder …

Hinder played third
Hinder played third

This was my third time seeing Hinder live. The first two were in Spokane at a smaller venue, so this was a different experience.

I don’t know any of the band’s new material, and I have a feeling if I had I would have been a lot more entertained. But they stayed true to my first and second impressions of the band – good good good.

Finally, there was Nickelback.


I was stoked for this show. They played a lot of the songs I know and love … but a part of me was pretty disappointed. A lot of the songs I know and love by Nickelback are sloooowwww. So they played a lot of their sloooowwwww songs. There were a couple rock songs (as much as Nickelback plays ROCK, anyway) but for the most part they played slooooowwww stuff. Good stuff, but slow. Not exactly entertaining, kind of made me want to sleep.

More Nickelback!
More Nickelback!

A couple quotes from the night:

  • The lead singer for Papa Roach: ” … talentless twats like Paris fucking Hilton.”
  • “I need a tamborine damn it!” – Yolanda. And I’m really not even sure what she was talking about anymore.
  • “It could be sticky and remind you of Mexico.” – Chad what’s-his-name from Nickelback, talking about the liquid he was thinking about spraying on the crowd. Could be water, could be tequila.

Chad was actually pretty funny, but I have a sneaking suspicion he thinks he’s funnier than he is. He talked a lot in between songs, about weed and tequila and beer. He sang part of a Garth Brooks song, (“Friends in Low Places”), which was actually pretty good. He and some of the members from the other bands did AC/DC “Highway to Hell,” which was pretty fun.

All in all, a pretty damn good Saturday. Happy late birthday to me! (My sister bought me the ticket as a birthday gift. Awesome.)

All photos courtesy my lovely cousin (sorry, she doesn’t blog … that I know of).



“I still panic sometimes, forget to breathe.”

When I panic, in these moments, it’s not a panic out of fear or anxiety.
Maybe panic isn’t the right word, but it’s as close to what I feel I can think of.

My heart’s pounding.
Palms are sweaty.
Thoughts racing.
And yes, I forget to breathe. I have to remind myself…

I pinch myself.
Then smile I look at those eyes.

There are still those moments when he takes my breath away.

Here is where I would normally post a photo of HIM, but I’m not 100% sure he’d appreciate that, so you get one that instead reminds me of us.


I’d love to give photo credits here but these have been in my photobucket so long I don’t even remember where they came from anymore.


I got really bored yesterday while I was at work (ah, fuck it) while I was at work.

So, I signed up for a tumblr account.

Don’t ask me why. I don’t have an answer. I haven’t even posted anything there yet.

Just seconds after I signed up I realized I didn’t really need a tumblr account at all. What the hell am I going to use it for?

But I figured, what the hey? The customization looks fun and will be a good time waster while at work.

I was right.

So anyway, I’m on tumblr now. Like I said, there’s nothing posted on there. It’s muy, muy blank. Got any ideas?