Thanks, Glamour Mag, SO much.

Headline: Great Health News for Every Woman

Body: Quick! Take this poll: If there were a pill that could…

  • Slash your chance of getting breast cancer
  • Help get rid of headaches
  • Cut symptoms of depression almost in half
  • Lower your risk of type 2 diabetes by 50 percent
  • Make it easier to get pregnant when you want to
  • Boost sexual arousal by 100 percent
  • Improve your body image
  • Make you fall asleep 40 percent faster
  • And help you lose up to a pound a week

… Would You Take It?


Rest of the story: … basically tells you that, oh, PSYCH! There’s no pill or drug that does all that shit. But but BUT! Research shows exercising 30 minutes a day does do all that shit. And can reduce risk of memory problems by a third.

The rest of my reaction: Well, shit. There goes my shot. Wait, no, I could exercise every day. Wait, no, who am I kidding? Wait, no, wait! Ah! Who am I!?

{Glamour magazine, June 2010 issue}

What Kaci Wants: ModCloth Bags

This could be dangerous. So far I’ve only allowed myself to look at the sales. I need to win the lottery.

Here we go!

Click on each of the following images for their page on ModCloth.

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Things that changed her life {part 1}

There are some moments that change your game, your view, your life.  They start out normally, but well, they never quite end that way, do they?  This is one of mine.

I was still technically dating my ex – you know, one of those whose name you don’t speak and you just don’t talk about in general. You know. But we were still technically together.

I was 20.

Luci and I were headed home for Memorial Day weekend. Camping trip, and her love interest at the time was coming to visit. I’d never met him and of course, he needed the best friend’s approval.

He brought his brother and cousin.

I was nervous as we pulled into the PDQ parking lot, Luci driving like her usual bat-out-of-hell self, music blaring, windows rolled down, stunna shades on.

That’s when I saw them, when I saw him. Cowboy hat, chocolate lab and a smile.

“This is gonna be trouble,” I told Luci.

We both laughed. Yeah, we thought to ourselves. It is gonna be trouble.

And it was. Three years later, The Boy is still trouble.

This post inspired by – and the intro paragraph & post title from – Amy at Just a Titch.

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