In many regards, Kaci, it’s as if everyone is playing a giant board game, and this time around you chose the Kaci token. Clutch!

Now, the object is not to buy properties, or to contort your body, or to vote others off, but simply to like all that Kaci likes, to choose all that Kaci wants to choose, and to follow Kaci’s heart, all in the tiny little turn you’re given.

Oh, Universe. You have such a way with words.

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Note from the Universe

I know you’re feeling lost and alone, confused and hurt, betrayed and abandoned.

I also know that you hate to hear these things, but it really will be okay. YOU will be okay. Not today (definitely not today), and probably not tomorrow or even next week, or hell even next month. But give it some time, allow yourself to breathe and heal and yes, even feel. You’ll go through all the stages – shock, denial, pain, guilt, anger, sadness, acceptance.

You will relapse. You will question this, that, and everything else. That’s just how these things go; that’s just how the grieving process goes. Some days, you’ll be sure – you’ll feel okay, maybe even good. Some days you’ll want to crawl into a hole, disappear from the world. Some days you’ll want to scream and curse, throw things and just be generally pissed off at the world.

That’s okay. That’s all okay.

Just remember this: nothing is concrete, nothing is permanent. There is and always will be time to turn things around, change your mind, go a different direction.

So breathe. And know that you are loved.

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{Day 25: The person you know that is going through the worst of times}

30-Day Letter Project

It’s that empty feeling in your core, like the only thing between your ribs is air. It’s searching – endlessly and unsuccessfully – for words that will never come.

It’s looking around your house, your home, and feeling like you don’t belong. It’s knowing you are the only living soul (save for the dogs and cats, of course) in the place, and it will remain that way until it’s time for you to leave in the morning.

It’s missing your friends and family to new depths but lacking the strength to face them. It’s shaking with inhale and quivering with every exhale. It’s questioning your past, present and future.

It’s being so unsure of where you are and where you’re going that you start to doubt where you’ve been and where you come from. It’s the need for soul-searching without the energy to back it up.

It’s desperately needing to express your feelings to someone without knowing where to start or how to say it. It’s wishing telepathy would, finally, become reality instead of science fiction.

It’s hoping that going to sleep tonight will make this feeling disappear by tomorrow.

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Writing my heart out