Blog swap: Summer!

hello hello! this is tara from blogs by tara, and i’ve been paired with kaci for the 20sb blog swap! click over to my blog to read her entry. i’m so happy to be here!


summer. summer. summer. where to begin?

when i was in school, summer was of course the time i always looked forward to. in college, my summers were 4 1/2 months long – sooo much nicer than the measly 2 months i had during my first 12 years.

my family is small – i’m an only child. luckily, this enabled my family to do a LOT of traveling, and therefore instilled in me a love of doing so, and being able to see so many new places at a young age. we’re a big beach family, so we’ve been up and down the east coast beaches (i’m originally from upstate new york). we visited family out west in california and utah, and went camping in cape cod. in between trips, i would spend all of my summer days at day camps and then overnight camps having a blast, or riding my bike around the neighborhood chasing down the ice cream man and seeing how fast i could go down the hills. of course getting older meant having a summer job, but even i managed to turn that into somewhat of a party (most of the time).

a few summers ago i had an internship in washington, d.c. to this day, i consider it the best summer of my life. i was living with friends, loved what i was doing, and tried to take advantage of every little thing that city had to offer (hint – most of it is free!). whether it was watching the july 4th fireworks at the feet of abraham lincoln or lazing about in an art museum sculpture garden listening to jazz on a friday evening, that summer was just…well, you just had to be there.

but no matter what age, i always remember my summers being jam packed full of fun adventures with friends and family, and this year is no exception. this is my second summer in philadelphia, a city i knew nothing about before moving here in 2010. the summers have allowed me time to explore my city (and others nearby!) in an amazing way – there is always something to do! and although i don’t have the summers off anymore, i’ve still managed to pack quite a bit in so far.

  • i took my first big girl vacation by myself and visited friends and family out west, then flew to vegas for bloggers in sin city (where i got to meet kaci!). it was a great way to kick off summer, that’s for sure.
  • i went to the philadelphia zoo (the nation’s first!) for the first time in june, and then a few weeks later had the chance to run a 5k race there as well. it was so fun running among all the animals! they thought we were crazy.
  • i traveling to new york city (another favorite city) to visit some of my best friends. i got lost in brooklyn’s prospect park by myself on the 4th of july and saw a raccoon try to bite someone!
  • i saw my favorite artist, ben folds, perform at a music festival. as it started raining during his last song, he broke out into a spontaneous version of “raindrops keep falling on my head.” it was amazing!
  • we’ve had friends visit from out of town and had the opportunity to take them around to eat and eat and eat all of the great things philadelphia has to offer. i seriously can’t get enough of our food.
  • i started a second job, which really isn’t much of a job at all. i’ve been able to get involved in my community and meet a TON of people. it’s been great, and never feels like work!
  • to make it even more interesting, i’ve been participating in Vlog Every Day in August (VEDA), a project put together by some awesome bloggers/vloggers who i met at Bloggers in Sin City (where i met Kaci as well!). i make a video every day on a certain topic, and then get to watch 50+ videos every night to get to know everyone else. it has seriously been such a blast.

it still makes me tired just thinking about what i’ve done, and what is still to come. in the midst of all of this, i’m training for a half marathon – yes, in the middle of one of the region’s hottest (and rainiest!) summers to date. but you know what? i LOVE being busy. i just wish it didn’t make time go by so quickly, because it will be over before we know it.

what’s the best thing you’ve done this summer?

30-Day Letter Project: 8

There aren’t a lot of other bloggers I’d consider a friend.

There are some I’d love to call my friend – like Kyla or Nicole or Sleepy Jane or EP or Erin or Jamie or Ev’Yan or Kerri or Doni or Renee or Brandy or Lauren or Ben or Peter or or OR!!! – but that would be a lie… a stretch, at best.

The truth is, there’s only one I’d be comfortable calling for a chat, or flying to another state to visit, one on one. (Not by choice, of course, because all those beautiful people (AND MORE) I mentioned above? Love. But, ya know, if I flew to see them I’d basically have attained stalker status at that point. Which I’d be kind of alright with, but I’m not sure they would be!)

Lauren is… well, Lauren is a lot of things. I’ve written about her before, but that post got lost in the debris of many a website hosting terror so I can’t link to it. I CAN however, give you an excerpt:

It all started idunnohowlongago (sometime over the summer), when Lauren commented on my blog.

“Hey! Where have you been?” she wrote. “It’s been too months and no new posts :(

She was, obviously, having a blonde moment. (No, really. Just ask her. Her words, not mine.)

The rest is pretty much history.

And by that, I mean we’ve become, at least on some level, friends. Email, gchat, exchanging phone numbers. We’ve learned we have a lot in common.

And, I mean, the girl made happen. Single-handedly. (Though we’re still working on the whole not redirecting to the blog site, but WHATEV it’s just being rude.)

You should go check her out at The Off Beat Report. She’s a writer and not too shabby of a photographer, either.

Anyway. She’s the first friend I’ve made through blogging. And it makes me want to keep going.

Same’s true today. If you haven’t checked out Lauren’s site yet, I highly recommend you do so. Like, NOW.

{Day 8: Your favorite internet friend}

{photo via}

Two’s company

I don’t have a vlog to post. I don’t even have any words to focus on the suggested “Favorite Things That Come In Pairs” topic.

Though, really, I could talk about my favorite things that happen to have come to be in a pair: my nieces. My twin nieces.

Which I think is pretty fitting, considering this post is part of a virtual baby shower for the lovely Erin (and Ted, too!), who is (are) awaiting the birth of her (their) twin daughters.

But I don’t have many words, mainly because I couldn’t come up with any I thought were good enough.

And because I wanted to share some pictures.

But congratulations, Erin and Ted. I wish you and your family-to-be all the best.

May the sound of your girls’ laughter be music to your ears…

And may you always, always treasure the little moments.

Happy Baby Shower Day!

{Big thanks to Renee for setting this up and including me in the festivities!}

Dainty tree necklace

Dainty Tree Necklace

Earlier this week, Apricot’s Closet re-opened, and I jumped on it. Er, in it. Whatever.

Ev’Yan posted the above photo of a necklace she was selling in Apricot’s Closet and I knew I had to have it!

Well, the necklace arrived today, much to my surprise. To be honest, I had almost forgotten I ordered it (only because I’ve been busy!) so when I opened the envelope it arrived in and saw a nice little thank-you note from Ev’Yan, I got excited!

The necklace is even cuter in person and in great condition. I put it on immediately and am in love!

{NOTE: This post is not sponsored in any way. I just love the necklace and Ev’Yan’s blog/shop in general. Photo courtesy Apricot Tea.}