Grace in Small Things

Things have been pretty depressing around these parts lately. I know it, you know it. It’s getting pretty goddamn old pretty goddamn fast.

SO. A few things I can actually smile about:

  • Beautiful, cute, gorgeous, adorable, cuddly dogs. Callie, Colt and Velvet are sweet, sweet, sweet. It’s like they can tell I’m not right, I’m not myself and that I just need a little TLC. Colt snuggles with me, Callie is very sweet and affectionate, and Velvet just lays there, resting her head on my feet as if to say, “I’m here if you need me, Mom.”
  • Private Practice. Have y’all seen this show lately? I have to admit, it took me awhile to get into it. But something about Grey’s Anatomy is just getting a little old (though I am still a little swoony over McDreamy) but, um, HELLO TAYE DIGGS.
  • Work. I know, right? But, almost a year in, and I still don’t go a day at work without thinking how truly lucky I am to have a job I enjoy, that I don’t hate waking up for in the morning. I really, really love my job, my coworkers. I am one of the lucky ones.
  • Online shopping. Or, you know, retail therapy. Recent purchases include a scarf, a jacket, a necklace, a pair of gloves, a sweater and a pair of jeans. Don’t worry, there will be a whoooole post dedicated to the beauty that is the recent additions to my closet.
  • Irony. Sometimes, when life hands you shitty situations (or you put yourself in a shitty life situation), you have to laugh at life’s ironies when they arise. Maybe irony isn’t the right word here, actually, but I can’t explain without ACTUALLY explaining it and, well, that’s just not gonna happen. But… god, life is funny sometimes, y’all.
  • The change in seasons. My part of the state isn’t always the most gorgeous place to see, but sometimes it is. My house on the hill allows me to see some things I wouldn’t otherwise. The fog in the valley first thing in the morning, though it can be troublesome to drive in, is a pretty remarkable thing to see. A morning I don’t see deer on my drive to work is abnormal. Have you seen deer close up and in person? They are gorgeous, truly gorgeous creatures.

Grace in Small ThingsPhoto: MShades

Anger (and a little grace) in small things

Doing thins a bit opposite tonight. Deal with it, I have anger tonight.

Note: I’m not angry, per se, I just have anger and yes there’s a difference.

1. “Bitches” in bright red spray paint displayed, thanks to some punk kid, on the shed of the house left to me by my grandma.

2. Leaving my keys (work, car, house) in my coat in the vehicle Peter drove to work, making him have to take an extended lunch and drive back to Moses to return them to me.
3. Ninja Kitty attacking my arm. Hello, scratch marks.

4. No computer at home. Yeah, still. I really need to do something about that.

5. The dogs? Do. Not. Listen. They run into the road, chase neighborhood dogs, frolick in the field across the street and altogether ignore me.

All that being said… I’m so glad it’s my weekend. I got some new clothes from Maurices (yay!) and am considering going back for some shoes. The financial situation is, surprisingly, looking good and I have multiple ice cream options in the freezer, including mini candy bar ice cream treats. The Twix ones are to DIE for.

Also, I forgot how much I love tv dramas – i.e. Grey’s Anatomy. And now Private Practice.