37 weeks (and puppies!)

I know, I know. I’m a bad little preggo and have next to zero maternity photos of myself. Whoops?

HOW FAR ALONG: 37 weeks, 2 days. But who’s counting?

HOW BIG IS HE: Huge? Something like 7 pounds, 20 inches. All I know is he feels like he’s too big.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 24 pounds at last week’s check-up. I’ll find out more tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon, at my next check-up. (Yep, that means I’m seeing my doctor once a week at this point. And yep, that means the only time I step on a scale is at the doctor’s office.)

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Uh huh. I’m still at only one pair of maternity pants, though – those homemade belly bands have really been a savior.

STRETCH MARKS: I’m very sad to report… yes. BUT, only on my, um, hind end/upper thighs. Boo.

SLEEP: Wait, what? Sleep is awful for me, when I actually get some of it. I have such awful rib pain, so by the time I get to go to bed at night I’m exhausted and can’t wait to lay down… it’s really the only thing that gives me any relief. But then there’s the nausea, which has made an unwelcome return. Every night is an adventure. And by adventure, I mean nightmare. On the bright side… once I finally get to sleep? IT’S FANTASTIC. It just takes me a few hours to get there.

MOVEMENT: Good god, yes. All the time, still. And more like stretching. It’s like Baby thinks that if he pushes hard enough in one specific spot, he’ll be able to bust out of there and be free.

FOOD CRAVINGS: I’m back on the banana popsicles. Also pickles, but not at the same time. Also bread.

WHAT I MISS: Sleeping on my stomach. Wearing heels. Actually, just not having to worry about what shoes my feet/ankles can or can’t fit into… therefore not having to plan each day’s clothing according to how swollen my ankles are. And I wonder what it’s like to *not* feel this burning sensation constantly in that area between my belly and boobs?

WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Meeting my son. I mean, I’m looking forward to all of that stuff I mentioned above, but really… the point of all of this is to meet this baby boy we’ve created, and that is what I’m excited about.

MILESTONES: Well, I’m 37 weeks along now, which technically means I’m full-term. So, that’s exciting! We also started going to child birth classes once a week, which has been mostly boring review for me since I’ve been reading books on pregnancy, etc. But, I think it’s been really good for P to be exposed to All Of The Birth Things, and during tonight’s class we actually get a tour of the mother/baby unit at the hospital where Baby will be born. Neat!

DOG STUFF: Did I mention Callie was pregnant? Because she was. Also, she had puppies. So right now, we have one-week-old puppies in the house, and I’m due to have a baby within the month.

Poor quality camera-phone photo. Sorry! But HOLY ADORABLE. This was when the puppies were a day or two old - they're not about twice this size. And we need to take new pictures.

Colt has been acting all kinds of crazy/jealous lately, too. I don’t even know what that’s about, other than… well, the puppies.

HOUSE STUFF: We’re kind of procrastinators, but the nursery? IT’S ACTUALLY AN EFFING NURSERY NOW. I held off for so long on actually calling it a nursery because it just didn’t look like one to me yet. But now there’s a crib and a changing table and a dresser and a nightstand with a cutsey little lamp on it and, after tomorrow, there will be a glider rocker. My work here is done.

Oh, and THIS: We got a little bit of snow over the weekend, and now I’m freakingthefuckout about having to be rushed to the hospital in a blizzard. Please, no. Just no. Also? I’m having a baby soon and that means I’m going to have to GO INTO LABOR SOON and that kindof freaksmethefuckout too. But? That means WE’LL GET TO MEET OUR SON SOON, so that makes it all better.

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Second trimester

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Current book(s): I haven’t actually started reading it yet (maybe tomorrow?), but Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy.

Current playlist: Umm, anything including the song “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton. Good grief.

Current shame-inducing guilty pleasure: I’m pregnant, therefore I don’t feel guilty about ANYTHING I do. (It’s funny because it’s true.)

Current color: I’ve really been digging navy blue lately, which is weird because I’m usually not into blue much.

Current drink: ICE WATER. I can’t get enough.

Current food: Not a whole lot of anything, actually. This whole five-weeks-to-go-in-my-pregnancy thing has left very little room in my tummy, so even when I do eat, it’s literally only 5-10 bites and I’m F-U-L-L. Zero fun, sir.

Current favorite show: I don’t know that it’s a favorite, per se, but we’ve been watching Breaking Bad. I like it, but it stresses me out.

Current wishlist: One of these…

Current need(s): See above.

Current bane(s) of my existence: Nausea. I’ve been so sick to my stomach the last few weeks, MUCH worse than I ever was when “morning sickness” is supposed to be so prevalent in a pregnancy.

Current celebrity crush: Um? Johnny Depp, always Johnny Depp.

Current outfit: Camo pajama pants and a grey WSU hoodie. I look HAWT.

Current excitement: We have our first childbirth class tomorrow night!

Current link: IwanttogobackhereI’msoexcitedforChristmasomg.

Questions totes yoinked from Megan.

My life, in a nutshell

I’ve started preparing for my maternity leave. It’s all still a little unclear when exactly I’ll be leaving and when I’ll be returning, but the basic, tentative plan is to leave for Thanksgiving break and now return until sometime in mid- to late- January. I have about a bazillion Word documents under construction at work, with step-by-step instructions on how to do All Of The Things that need to be done while I’m gone. With screenshots. Because I’m a control freak and it all needs to be done My Way. Otherwise it’s wrong. Obviously. But, I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself for not adding to the bottom of each mini-manual, “Just call me if you have any questions!”

I’m tired. So tired. I don’t have the energy to be Superwoman, but apparently I need to find said energy because apparently that’s just the way things are going to be. There’s a phrase, “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” It’s never really struck home with me until now. Except now, it’s more like, “If you want something done at all, you have to do it yourself.” And so, yes, I’m tired. But I’m slowly accepting the fact that for the next 18+ years of my life, I’m just going to be fucking tired. Get used to it, lady.

I hurt. All over, everywhere. Baby is a mean little boy (and I say that with more love than you can possibly imagine… even when I call him a little jerk). Yesterday I could actually feel his little foot on my rib. You know, that one rib that’s already poking out an inch further than all my other ribs. I really didn’t realize pregnancy could be so painful. I mean, I knew giving birth would be painful, but when I still have almost two months to go? Seriously, didn’t know I’d hurt this bad. There’s nothing I can do for any extended period of time without being in pain. Can’t stand for too long – it hurts my back and ankles. Can’t sit for too long – it hurts my shoulders, ribs and back. Can’t lay in bed in the same position for too long – it hurts everything. I am constantly waking up through the night – a night when I only wake up twice is a GOOD. NIGHT. The other night, I woke up at 11:30, 12:30, 3:30 (hooray for three consecutive hours of sleep!) and 5:00 before finally getting out of bed at 5:45. Fuck me.

</end rant>

Baby showers are coming up. My sister is planning one at her house that will turn into an over-nighter for some of us, and I’m so, so excited. Mostly because she keeps talking to me about the food that will be there. We’re doing a fall theme (since the nursery will be decorated in forest animals, it kind of fits) and the desserts? Apple crisp and pumpkin pie. Yum. Also, yes I realize how kind of ironic it is that we’re decorating in forest animals. “Aw look, Baby. See how cute that little deer is? And the bear? DADDY KILLS THOSE AND SOMEDAY YOU WILL TOO.We’re a morbid family. But look at the cute things that are already on their way to us!

My family members kind of kick ass.

Last weekend, my best friend (who never tweets) came to visit. She taught me how to make homemade peppermint patties (that I wish I had pictures of, but I don’t) and if you know me at all you know that’s a big deal because hi, I don’t bake. But, as P says, I didn’t even use the oven so technically it wasn’t baking, but whatever. I MADE CANDY. It was good. We also made this homemade Winger’s sauce/chicken and I almost almost died it was so good. I miss Winger’s. (No, Winger’s is not paying me to say that, nor am I receiving free food from them. But, hey, Winger’s PR people? I’D DEFINITELY TAKE SOME FREE FOOD FROM YOU GUYS.)

Picture not mine

Annnnd now I’m hungry. Again. Because I can’t eat a proper meal these days and instead have to eat 5-6 kiddie-sized meals because there’s no more room in my belly, y’all.

27 weeks

So much for the “somewhat regular basis” I mentioned last time. Whoops. Also, I wish I had better pictures to share. But here’s the thing: I don’t. Because here’s how my days go: Get up, get ready for work, rush to get to work on time, work, come home and spend the rest of the day exhausted. The only time I’d be ok with being in front of a camera is during that “rush to get to work on time” part.

So it goes.

Anyway, I’m now almost 27 weeks pregnant. The picture above was taken Saturday, August 27 – I was closer to 26 weeks at that point. Whatever.

HOW FAR ALONG: 27 weeks… ish.

HOW BIG IS HE: 9.5-10 ounces, and about 2 pounds. Hooooooollllllly moly.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: At my last doctor’s appointment, I was up a total of 14 pounds. But, that was three weeks ago, so who knows.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Ohhhhh, yes. I’m fully embracing the maternity tops, and have found some pretty good deals online. Still holding out on the maternity pants, though, and am rubberbanding my jeans for as long as possible.

STRETCH MARKS: Still nope! Hooray!

SLEEP: I had my first really horrible night of sleep this week, and it’s been rough ever since. It doesn’t matter what position I get into or how many pillows I use, I’m still just plain ol’ uncomfortable.

MOVEMENT: Guys? This kid is crazy. It seems like I’m almost constantly feeling him move around, and sometimes he’s so forceful it’s almost scary. The other day at work, my coworker (and good friend) was able to feel him and she yelled, “I SAW him, too!” It feels like he’s got a basketball in there with him and he’s bouncing it against my insides.

FOOD CRAVINGS: Little, random things here and there. Hot Tamales, for example. And I’ve been eating a LOT of popsicles. Also, Fruit Loops.

WHAT I MISS: Wearing my heels comfortably. No back pain. Sleeping on my stomach.

WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting the nursery set up! P’s older sister graciously handed down her crib and changing table (I was starting to worry about how we were going to pay for the new furniture for Baby), so now I’m all about getting that all set up.

MILESTONES: Well, like I mentioned… we officially have a crib and changing table now. Having that type of furniture in the house makes it even more real, and I love it!

DOG STUFF: I think they’re used to the belly now, because they definitely don’t act like it’s any big deal. I have to tell them quite often actually, to GET THE FUCK OFF MY STOMACH!

HOUSE STUFF: Crib! Changing table! P and I cleaned up the basement last weekend, getting ready to move the guest bedroom/office down there to make room for the nursery. As soon as we get furniture moved, we’ll clean that room top to bottom, put up the pet/baby gate and it will, basically, be the nursery. Eek!

Oh, and THIS: I’m really, really tired of the ridiculous “advice” I’ve been getting. Things like, “Having a kid changes your life forever.” Oh, really? I had no idea! Honestly, I know people are trying to be helpful, but NO SHIT having a baby changes your life. It’s not like we’re getting a fucking gerbil or something. Ugh.

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