Anniversary #2

Two years ago today I married my very best friend.

He makes me laugh and lets me cry.


Things aren’t perfect and it isn’t always pretty, but I love my husband today more than ever.


I think the true test of a marriage, the ultimate teller of truth, is… if you could do it all over again, would you? My answer is a resounding¬†yes.


And that, to me, is beautiful.


All photos by Ashley Julian Photography.

#BiSC – coming soon

So I have this whole post in the works recapping events and feelings and all the things from my #BiSC weekend.

But until then please enjoy this photo from Becca. (Unless of course you were in Vegas this weekend, in which case you’ve already seen this photo.)

Assume Love: All You Need Is Love

Yes, this is reposted. It was originally seen here, at The Daily Cry.

(Okay, so I’m not reposting the photo… but whatever. Give credit where credit is due, right?)

Assume Love: All You Need Is Love

If he packed his bags and left right now, I’d still have snow to shovel. If I packed my bags and left right now, I’d still have snow to shovel, just somewhere else.

Holy shit, y’all. This. hit. home. Read it. All of it, all the way through.

It’s coming!

{photo credit}

Cool evening breeze. Falling asleep with the windows and front door wide open (living in the middle of nowhere has its perks – take that, city people!). Greener leaves, greener grass, birds in every damn tree in sight. Hotter days. Cooler nights.

Yeah, it’s coming.

Summerand I can’t wait.