37 weeks (and puppies!)

I know, I know. I’m a bad little preggo and have next to zero maternity photos of myself. Whoops?

HOW FAR ALONG: 37 weeks, 2 days. But who’s counting?

HOW BIG IS HE: Huge? Something like 7 pounds, 20 inches. All I know is he feels like he’s too big.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 24 pounds at last week’s check-up. I’ll find out more tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon, at my next check-up. (Yep, that means I’m seeing my doctor once a week at this point. And yep, that means the only time I step on a scale is at the doctor’s office.)

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Uh huh. I’m still at only one pair of maternity pants, though – those homemade belly bands have really been a savior.

STRETCH MARKS: I’m very sad to report… yes. BUT, only on my, um, hind end/upper thighs. Boo.

SLEEP: Wait, what? Sleep is awful for me, when I actually get some of it. I have such awful rib pain, so by the time I get to go to bed at night I’m exhausted and can’t wait to lay down… it’s really the only thing that gives me any relief. But then there’s the nausea, which has made an unwelcome return. Every night is an adventure. And by adventure, I mean nightmare. On the bright side… once I finally get to sleep? IT’S FANTASTIC. It just takes me a few hours to get there.

MOVEMENT: Good god, yes. All the time, still. And more like stretching. It’s like Baby thinks that if he pushes hard enough in one specific spot, he’ll be able to bust out of there and be free.

FOOD CRAVINGS: I’m back on the banana popsicles. Also pickles, but not at the same time. Also bread.

WHAT I MISS: Sleeping on my stomach. Wearing heels. Actually, just not having to worry about what shoes my feet/ankles can or can’t fit into… therefore not having to plan each day’s clothing according to how swollen my ankles are. And I wonder what it’s like to *not* feel this burning sensation constantly in that area between my belly and boobs?

WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO: Meeting my son. I mean, I’m looking forward to all of that stuff I mentioned above, but really… the point of all of this is to meet this baby boy we’ve created, and that is what I’m excited about.

MILESTONES: Well, I’m 37 weeks along now, which technically means I’m full-term. So, that’s exciting! We also started going to child birth classes once a week, which has been mostly boring review for me since I’ve been reading books on pregnancy, etc. But, I think it’s been really good for P to be exposed to All Of The Birth Things, and during tonight’s class we actually get a tour of the mother/baby unit at the hospital where Baby will be born. Neat!

DOG STUFF: Did I mention Callie was pregnant? Because she was. Also, she had puppies. So right now, we have one-week-old puppies in the house, and I’m due to have a baby within the month.

Poor quality camera-phone photo. Sorry! But HOLY ADORABLE. This was when the puppies were a day or two old - they're not about twice this size. And we need to take new pictures.

Colt has been acting all kinds of crazy/jealous lately, too. I don’t even know what that’s about, other than… well, the puppies.

HOUSE STUFF: We’re kind of procrastinators, but the nursery? IT’S ACTUALLY AN EFFING NURSERY NOW. I held off for so long on actually calling it a nursery because it just didn’t look like one to me yet. But now there’s a crib and a changing table and a dresser and a nightstand with a cutsey little lamp on it and, after tomorrow, there will be a glider rocker. My work here is done.

Oh, and THIS: We got a little bit of snow over the weekend, and now I’m freakingthefuckout about having to be rushed to the hospital in a blizzard. Please, no. Just no. Also? I’m having a baby soon and that means I’m going to have to GO INTO LABOR SOON and that kindof freaksmethefuckout too. But? That means WE’LL GET TO MEET OUR SON SOON, so that makes it all better.

33 weeks

29 weeks

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21 weeks

Second trimester

10 weeks

No words necessary

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Introducing… Colt!

Colt finally joined us here at home yesterday. We’ve been waiting more than two months for this little guy, and we are so excited to finally have him with us!

Yesterday was a stressful, exciting, nerve-wracking day. Neither The Boy nor I had ever purchased a dog out-of-state before, nor had we flown a pet in the past.


I also learned airports aren’t good for your relationship.

But in the end we got it all figured out (air cargo area, in case you were wondering) and we have our little man! The airline staff joked with us, saying we couldn’t take him “because he’s too cute.”

And you know what? I think they were right. This guy is ADORABLE. He is constantly doing something that makes me go, “Awww! Look! Look what he’s doing! Oh he’s so cute!”

Like when he goes nose-to-nose with one of the kittens, then sticks his butt in the air, ready to pounce. Or when he tries to snuggle up to Callie, who is most definitely not impressed or happy with him or his addition to our family.

Or when he thinks it’s a good idea to pick up my favorite pair of flip flops and carry them off into a corner to chew on them.

We’re still adjusting. It’s been almost two years since we’ve had a puppy in the house, and in that time I forgot how tiring it is. I forgot about having to wake up every couple hours to let him outside so we don’t have messes in the house. I forgot that puppies have two speeds – GO! and sleep.

And I forgot how much I love the smell of puppy breath.

Now, the basics…

Colt is an English springer spaniel. For those of you keeping track, Callie is also an English springer spaniel. Yes, we plan on breeding them in the future. He was born June 10, so as of today he is 8 weeks, 1 day old. His registered name with the AKC will most likely have Single Action in it. (Single Action Colt… get it? It’s a gun thing.)

Yes, that makes three dog names related to firearms… Trigger, Caliber and Colt. Yes, it’s intentional.

Colt is our fifth dog, second springer.

Straight shootin’

On my best days, I compose thought-out blog posts – each word chosen with a purpose, each sentence artfully constructed.

On days far from my best (and also far from my worst), my brain turns to mush hours before bedtime and all that’s left are bullet points:

  • Our new washer & dryer were delivered today. I have never been so excited to do laundry, nor have I ever washed and dried so many clothes, so quickly. I am in Domestic Girl Heaven.
  • The Boy changed shifts at work, effective today, to the night crew. While you might thing this is a negative, it’s actually a pretty good thing (aside from completely losing Friday nights with him, of course). But this way, we actually get more time together and the dogs aren’t left home alone nearly as much. And he was home for the washer & dryer delivery, so I didn’t have to leave work for that. Bonus!
  • I really, really, really REALLYREALLYREALLLyyYyyYyyYyyyyy… want another puppy. Emphasis on “ANOTHER.” Because, ya know, the TWO dogs and THREE cats we already have with us aren’t enough, and even the two chocolate labs we’re going to have (as soon as the boy builds a kennel outside the house) with us soon… well that just wouldn’t be enough, no. It’s just. Okay. I’m really falling in love with springers (Callie) but we’ve been talking about German shorthairs and OMG weimaraners and brittanys and and and AND PUPPIES! But for serious, The Boy wants a pointer (as opposed to a flusher – labs and springers are flushers) for hunting and I LOVE PUPPIES. I mean SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THOSE LINKS. I didn’t post them for the fuck of it, you know. CLICKCLICKCLICK. (Also I still want a beagle but pretty sure that’s not going to happen. This is either a really good thing or ABSOLUTELY HEARTBREAKING.)
  • The Boy’s birthday is coming up and I have nofreakingidea what to get him. I mean, if money were no object I’d get him goose decoys and a duck blind and a new pickup (oh my!) but WE’RE BUYING A HOUSE so money is, ya know, kind of an object.
  • Did I mention we’re buying a house? Yeah. That’s still ongoing. Looking good, but ongoing. And no, I don’t want to talk about it (any further than to say it’s looking good but is ongoing). Don’t even ask about that “photo tour” I previously mentioned.
  • Oh, and did I mention I love my job? Because yeah, I still do. LOVE.
  • I know 23 is young but I feel like I’m getting old. My LITTLE. COUSIN. (who really isn’t little at all any more and is actually at least a full foot taller than me (I may or may not be exaggerating here, everyone taller than about 5′9″ is TALL to me)) is graduating from high school this year and ohmygodwherethehelldidthelast10yearsgo?