Wedding Week

My wedding is this weekend. This morning, Rikki tweeted about it being five days away.

I’m officially freaking out.


– I don’t have music picked out.

– I haven’t stepped foot in the reception venue. Are there tables and chairs there? A fridge? Hell if I know.

– I’m silently praying to god (I don’t even actually do that, but it’s a good expression and shows my desperation) we have enough food.

– Who’s going to pick up the flowers Saturday?

– My mom will be staying with us for THREE. NIGHTS. before the wedding.

– Reception decorations. Eff.

– Wooden archway? What is happening with that? Don’t ask me.


+ Hardwood floors are finished

+ New Samsung fridge and General Electric stove are purchased and will be delivered Wednesday (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). No more yellow stove! More shelf space in the kitchen!

+ My friends and family are amazing.

+ Kegs are ordered. We will have kegs. Kegs = done.

+ I have maybe the. most. understanding and encouraging boss in the entire world.

+ My mom will be staying with us for THREE! NIGHTS! before the wedding.

So. I mean. Yeah.

I’m freaking out.

Just a little.

BUT THEN I WILL BE MRS. A*************************************************! (Note: Not the actual length of P’s last name.)

Stuff I’m wondering/thinking today

  • How in the hell did so much laundry pile up in this house? There are only TWO of us!
  • … which reminds me. When The Boy and I bought our new washer & dryer, and I asked about the Electrolux set we bought, the salesman asked, “What do you need such a big set for? Do you have like 8 kids?” I said… “No, but I don’t do laundry often so when I do, I want to do all. of. it.” So that answers that.
  • I used to get so excited when the mail would come every day! Now I dread it. Bills bills bills. Yuck. Anybody want a pen pal?
  • We ordered a mini (laptop). I want it here. Now.
  • I HATE DUSTING! Anybody need a side job? I’ll pay you to dust my house. I’ll pay you in pizza and cuteness (via the animalias, not me, obviously). Seriously.
  • April Fool’s Day is stupid. Google changed its name to Topeka? COME ON.
  • I once fell for a Google April Fool’s joke.
  • Having spring break as a living, breathing, functioning adult human is awesome.
  • We’re having a housewarming party next weekend (AND I GET TO SEE MY BEST FRIEND). I’ve never been to a housewarming party. wtf are we supposed to do besides brag talk about the house?
  • Speaking of the house…

Did I mention we’re homeowners?

I know, I know, I still owe you a photo tour. I’m a busy girl GET OFF ME.


It was your average Tuesday afternoon.

The sun was at the spot in the sky you’d expect the sun to be at 3:45. It was about as warm as you could hope for it to be at the beginning of March in Eastern Washington.

The old man in the white pickup waved at me as we passed each other, just as I’d expect most people in town to do – not because I knew him, but because that’s what people here do.

There was nothing extraordinary about that Tuesday – everything was as it should be, nothing was out of place. But that Tuesday? That Tuesday was extra-ordinary.

There was something about that Tuesday – Tuesday, March 9, 2010 – that was extra-ordinary.

I left work with a smile on my face, because that’s how I tend to leave work these days: Happy. Content. Pleased with my day. I glanced down at town from the hilltop where my office is located and, again, smiled to myself – all was well. Everything was as it should be. Nothing was out of place. And then I got into my car and drove home.



For the first time since high school, I finally feel at home.

Straight shootin’

On my best days, I compose thought-out blog posts – each word chosen with a purpose, each sentence artfully constructed.

On days far from my best (and also far from my worst), my brain turns to mush hours before bedtime and all that’s left are bullet points:

  • Our new washer & dryer were delivered today. I have never been so excited to do laundry, nor have I ever washed and dried so many clothes, so quickly. I am in Domestic Girl Heaven.
  • The Boy changed shifts at work, effective today, to the night crew. While you might thing this is a negative, it’s actually a pretty good thing (aside from completely losing Friday nights with him, of course). But this way, we actually get more time together and the dogs aren’t left home alone nearly as much. And he was home for the washer & dryer delivery, so I didn’t have to leave work for that. Bonus!
  • I really, really, really REALLYREALLYREALLLyyYyyYyyYyyyyy… want another puppy. Emphasis on “ANOTHER.” Because, ya know, the TWO dogs and THREE cats we already have with us aren’t enough, and even the two chocolate labs we’re going to have (as soon as the boy builds a kennel outside the house) with us soon… well that just wouldn’t be enough, no. It’s just. Okay. I’m really falling in love with springers (Callie) but we’ve been talking about German shorthairs and OMG weimaraners and brittanys and and and AND PUPPIES! But for serious, The Boy wants a pointer (as opposed to a flusher – labs and springers are flushers) for hunting and I LOVE PUPPIES. I mean SERIOUSLY LOOK AT THOSE LINKS. I didn’t post them for the fuck of it, you know. CLICKCLICKCLICK. (Also I still want a beagle but pretty sure that’s not going to happen. This is either a really good thing or ABSOLUTELY HEARTBREAKING.)
  • The Boy’s birthday is coming up and I have nofreakingidea what to get him. I mean, if money were no object I’d get him goose decoys and a duck blind and a new pickup (oh my!) but WE’RE BUYING A HOUSE so money is, ya know, kind of an object.
  • Did I mention we’re buying a house? Yeah. That’s still ongoing. Looking good, but ongoing. And no, I don’t want to talk about it (any further than to say it’s looking good but is ongoing). Don’t even ask about that “photo tour” I previously mentioned.
  • Oh, and did I mention I love my job? Because yeah, I still do. LOVE.
  • I know 23 is young but I feel like I’m getting old. My LITTLE. COUSIN. (who really isn’t little at all any more and is actually at least a full foot taller than me (I may or may not be exaggerating here, everyone taller than about 5′9″ is TALL to me)) is graduating from high school this year and ohmygodwherethehelldidthelast10yearsgo?