LemongrassSpaProductsLogoOnWhite tightLemongrass Spa Products are health and beauty products that are hand-made right here in the USA, using 97-100% natural ingredients.

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Jamberry Nails offer heat- and pressure-activated nail wraps that last for up to two weeks (or more!) on your fingernails and even longer on your toes!

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Other loves include words (as evidenced by all the stuff I used to write here before the rest of life got in the way), shopping, my Happy Planner(s) and planner stickers, my children, and this beautiful man.


For the longest time, I kept my blog life separate from my real life. While I still don’t post my last name or the names of anyone in my family here, things are much different now. I share blog posts on my Facebook page (you know, when I blog), which is something I NEVER would have considered before. To me, it’s all just part of being more authentic. If I didn’t want my family to read something I wrote here… well, maybe I shouldn’t write it at all.


I don’t write here often, but I’m still active all over the internet. So I thought I’d just link it all up right here and be done with it. Okay!

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