For the longest time, I kept my blog life separate from my real life. While I still don’t post my last name or the names of anyone in my family here, things are much different now. I share blog posts on my Facebook page (you know, when I blog), which is something I NEVER would have considered before. To me, it’s all just part of being more authentic. If I didn’t want my family to read something I wrote here… well, maybe I shouldn’t write it at all.


I don’t write here often, but I’m still active all over the internet. So I thought I’d just link it all up right here and be done with it. Okay!

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Also I’m a consultant x2 so hit me up if you need any beauty products, makeup, etc., that is made from natural ingredients by the good people in Colorado… or if you need gorgeous nails that are non-toxic and made by the good people in Utah! *end sales plug*

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